About us


We are CRTA (Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability), an independent, non-
partisan civil society organisation committed to developing democratic culture and civic

By creating public policy proposals, advocating for the principles of responsible behaviour by
the government and state institutions, and educating citizens on their political rights, we are
dedicated to establishing the rule of law and developing democratic dialogue.

Since 2016, we have been observing elections, both nationally and locally. We are
coordinating the work of the Citizens on Watch network, which has thousands of citizens
trained to observe the regularity of voting. The ongoing struggle to improve the conditions
for fair and free elections is the backbone of all our activities.


The incorporation of CRTA

Before changing its name by the end of 2009, the CRTA was called Linet (Liberal Network). Its mission was to contribute to the successful transition of Serbia to a developed democratic society through the promotion of active participation of citizens in social processes and the development of their advocacy capacities.


Film “Final Word”

The CRTA produced a film “Final Word” that deals with judicial proceedings for the assassination of the first democratic Prime Minister of Serbia, dr Zoran Đinđić (http://www.zavrsnarec.rs/). The film premiered on the occasion of the anniversary of the assassination, on March 12th.  You can watch the film on this link.


Istinomer (Truth-O-Meter)

The CRTA launched the first fact-checking portal in Serbia and in the entire region – Istinomer.rs. The Truth-O-Meter invites politicians and all public figures to account for publicly given statements and promises. The Truth-O-Meter is a mechanism that checks the facts assessing public officials’ and politicians’ statements and analysing all important social and economic issues.


Retrovizor (Rearview Mirror)

The cult video-project  “Retrovizor” first aired in the Truth-O-Meter. Ljuba Živkov analyses for the Truth-O-Meter all political and social events in his signature fashion.


Film “Let’s Not Lie to One Another”

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of democratic changes, the CRTA produced a documentary film “Let’s Not Lie to One Another”.


The Truth-O-Meter election debates

During the elections called on all levels, the Truth-O-Meter initiated a series of debates entitled “Let’s Not Lie to One Another” during which politicians were called to account for their actions to citizens. Topics focused on the accountability of politicians, their election promises and on current issues solving. You can watch the documentary film about these debates on this link.


Open Parliament Initiative launched

In cooperation with four partner organisations, the CRTA launched the Open Parliament Initiative aiming to monitor the work of the elected deputies and to increase the publicity of the work of the National Parliament.  It was the first time that the citizens had been provided with the information about parliamentary practices and procedures on the website  http://www.otvoreniparlament.rs/ .


Map the Money Initiative

Within the scope of this initiative, the CRTA launched the portal www.pratipare.rs which enables the citizens to monitor how local authorities manage the budget, the amounts of money allocated to certain projects and whether and how they are implemented. The CRTA created “Civil Budgets” that explains in easy-to-understand language how and for what purposes public resources are used.


Truth-O-Meter campaign “No to Mrkonjić in the Government”

The Truth-O-Meter initiated an online petition asking people to react against a new appointing of the Serbian Socialist Party official Milutin Mrkonjić to the Government, as according to the Truth-O-Meter analysis, he had been the least accountable public official in the previous four years. In only four days, the petition was signed by more than 4,000 citizens.


The first research “Audit of political engagement”

This research, performed in accordance with the methodology from the Hansard Society from Great Britain represents a particular overview of the democratic state of the society. The extent to which citizens are willing to engage in social processes, exercise their civil rights and influence decision-makers is an indicator of the “health” of a society.


The CRTA became a part of Openingparliament.org

The CRTA became a part of Openingparliament.org, a global forum gathering more than 140 organisations throughout the world that are engaged in monitoring, supporting and opening up of parliaments and  legislative institutions in their countries. The CRTA participates in the creation of a global  Declaration on Parliament Openness.


“Our Money, Our Concern” Initiative

In cooperation with the Centre for Non-Profit Sector Development, the CRTA launched the portal voditeracuna.rs in order to provide the citizens with all necessary information about finances, to invite them to join different initiatives aiming to control how the budget money is spent or to ask questions to financial experts.


“Bad Conduct” Campaign

The Truth-O-Meter launched a campaign to dismiss the Minister of Education when a scandal involving primary school final exams took place for the third consecutive year in a row. The Minister showed through his actions that he was not worthy of such an important public function. After the reconstruction of the Government, the Minister Education was replaced. Video regarding campaign you may watch here.




“Civic Innovator” Award

The NDI honoured the director of the CRTA Vukosava Crnjanski  with its the W. Averell Harriman Democracy Award, that is dedicated to civic society representatives in the entire world who, through initiatives based on the use of new technologies, have contributed to empowering citizens to hold public officials accountable and to demand transparency in the work of state institutions.


Truth-O-Meter Interviews

Truth-O-Meter Interviews


The Truth-O-Meter initiated a video-production and started broadcasting “Truth-O-Meter Interviews”. More than 100 interviews have been filmed so far with public officials, politicians and public figures. The focus of those interviews remained on political accountability issues. You can watch all interviews here.


The CRTA in the Open Government Partnership

The CRTA in the Open Government Partnership


The CRTA has been active in the Open government partnership initiative (OGP) since 2014, on a global and national level. The OGP is a voluntary, multilateral initiative aimed at securing government obligations towards its citizens in terms of promoting transparency, empowering citizens, fighting corruption and using new technologies to strengthen the governance system.


The First Parliament Week

On the model of the manifestation organised by the Parliament of Great Britain, in cooperation with the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, the CRTA organised the first “Parliament Week”. During a week, different events and debates were organised aiming to connect citizens with the work of the National Parliament and to include them in democratic processes. You can see the firstParliament Week in this  link.


Open Data Initiative

The CRTA launched a Data Centre as an open online platform that enables an easy access to data sets about various public information in Serbia, at the state and at a local level. It was developed to help journalists, activists, researchers and public officials in their search for valuable data to support their stories, campaigns, analyses and decision-making processes.


Citizens demonstrate an increasing interest in politics

The third research “Audit of political engagement 2015”  presented on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy showed that a  large number of respondents in Serbia (70 per cent) believe that politicians should be primarily accountable to citizens. The results show a mild increase in citizens’ interest in politics in relation to previous years when their lack of interest was constantly growing.


The CRTA starts monitoring the elections

This is the first time that the CRTA has monitored parliamentary and local elections as a domestic election observation mission in accordance with international standards implying monitoring of the pre-election period, the Election Day and the post-election period. The CRTA organised the entire observation mission in only six weeks and gather over 1,000 participants. Full report is available on this link.


The Truth-O-Meter Application “Check me”

The Truth-O-Meter developed the application “Check me” that allows to citizens to send quickly and easily to the Truth-O-Meter any news seen on the Internet so that the Truth-O-Meter’s team could fast-check it. The application can be downloaded here and the instructions for its use are explained in this video.


Citizens are more interested in influencing the Government’s decisions

The results of the fourth research “Audit of political engagement 2016” show that a mere third of citizens participate in the political life of Serbia or at least believe in the citizen participation efficiency. Nevertheless, a mild positive trend can be observed when it comes to citizens’ general readiness to participate in democratic processes.


The Second “Parliament Week”

The second Parliament Week gathered 60 partner organisations that organised more than 100 different events and activities in 20 cities and municipalities of Serbia. Compared to 2015, during the second Parliament Week there were twice as many events and activities organised aiming at opening a forum for discussion about parliamentary democracy.



Inspiring girls Campaign

CRTA announced the launching of the Inspiring Girls Campaign modeled on a very successful UK campaign which  gathered 26,000 female volunteers  – thriving women with different backgrounds who volunteered an hour a year in primary schools and talked to girls about their proper experiences and different possibilities that life and career may bring. In three years, this campaign attracted 300,000 girls in the UK.


CRTA becomes a part of the ENEMO

At the General Assembly of the European Network of Election Monitoring Organisations (ENEMO), the CRTA became an associated member which is the first step toward full membership in this organisation. The ENEMO strives to promote the engagement of civil society organisations in democratic processes with the aim of improving the quality of electoral processes.


“Who is my Government” Initiative

The CRTA launched the portal “Who is my Government” where citizens can quickly and easily find all information about deputies’ party affiliation, who shifted allegiance after the elections, who supports the Government and who does not.  In almost one third of cities and municipalities in Serbia, there were more than one hundred cases of turncoat politicians after the last local elections held in 2016.



CRTA observes the presidential elections

During the presidential elections, the CRTA observed the entire election process as a domestic observation mission. More than 1,000 observers participated in the mission. The final report is available on this link.


Truth-O-Meter News

The Truth-O-Meter launched “Truth-O-Meter News” as a daily dose of breaking news in order to inform citizens not only about what happened but also to explain why it happened.  You can get a morning briefing at 7 am every day on your e-mail or through a web or mobile application.



Truth-O-Meter became a part of a global fact-checking network

The Truth-O-Meter became a part of a global network that gathers fact-checking organisations after the evaluation process. The network comprises a total of 49 organisations form the whole world. Read more about this topic on this link.


Wilton Park again in Serbia

After more than ten tears, Wilton Park, the executive agency of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, organised in Serbia, in cooperation with the CRTA a conference aiming to encourage dialogues on the issues of quality of election processes and mechanisms for citizen participation in periods between elections.



CRTA brings together NDI (National Democratic Institute) certified trainers specialised in fields of organisational capacity development, political skills and strategies and public advocacy tactics. The experience of our trainers includes more than 500 trainings where more than 6000 trainees have acquired new skills, mainly from non-governmental organisations and democratically oriented political parties.

Creating and producing campaigns

Under the auspices of CRTA, there is a team of experienced professionals in the field of integrated communications who, in collaboration with the network of external associates, is working on strategic and creative development and production of campaigns and media products for the online and offline spheres.


In our research, we are focusing on issues of democratic development, parliamentary system and parliamentary procedures, work transparency and openness of institutions and responsibilities of public office holders. Based on our research findings, we are making recommendations for improving the work of institutions and public advocacy tactics.

Team and associates


To put it briefly, our task is to prompt and to motivate citizens in order to jointly improve the state and strengthen the society.

In 2018, CRTA received the Democracy Defender Award, globally awarded by the OSCE, for its outstanding contribution to promoting democracy and defending human rights.



Since we advocate for the principle of transparency in the work of the public authorities, we pratice the same principle in our work. Audit reports of our work are publicly available on our site.