Academy for Democracy welcomes the Fourth Generation

Photo by: CRTA

The opening ceremony for the “Academy of Democracy” organised by CRTA with the support of OSCE Mission in Serbia and the National Democratic Institute, was held within the Democracy Festival.

At the opening, the CRTA director Vukosava Crnjanski point out that for the fourth year in a row, the Academy of Democracy program had been one of the most important initiatives implemented by the CRTA with the support of its partners and friends.

“It is my pleasure to welcome the fourth generation of participants this year as well. This programme is very important for the CRTA, for all of us, as we strive to share knowledge with you in order to work together on the development of a democratic society in Serbia. Also, I would like to thank the OSCE Mission in Serbia, which have been supporting us in the program of the Academy of Democracy for the fourth consecutive year, and I am especially pleased that the National Democratic Institute has joined us this year. We are proud of our alumni and I sincerely hope that we will be proud of this new generation as well as that you will help us in our efforts to build a more advanced and developed society in Serbia “, said Vukosava Crnjanski.

“It is highly motivating to see that the Academy of Democracy programme is still alive. This is a great way to celebrate the upcoming International Democracy Day. Also, I am inspired by the faces I see today. Serbia is rich in young people who are aware of the challenges facing society nowadays. Twenty-five people of different beliefs, ideals and political ideas share their thoughts during the Academy of Democracy, and are willing to work on changes that affect the development of democracy in Serbia. We will continue to work together with the CRTA because these young and ambitious people are ready to reflect on their future. Democracy is a moving process that should never be abandoned”, said the ambassador Andrea Orizio, the Head of the OSCE Mission to Serbia.

Photo by: CRTA

“It is my great pleasure that we are starting something new in our mutual cooperation. The National Democratic Institute is looking forward to socialising with the new Academy of Democracy students, especially as the Academy kicks off today as a part of the Festival of Democracy. The festival always brings something positive and joyful, which precisely what democracy is missing today as negative and abhorrent opinions are dominating. Bringing together the festival and democracy is one of the best ways to change citizens’ beliefs and opinions about democracy itself, especially with the education and support of young people who will fight in the upcoming period for a more developed society”, added  Marko Ivković, the executive director of the National Democratic Institute.

Photo by: CRTA

The third generation students of the Academy of Democracy, Anja Anđušić and Bojan Lazić, emphasised the fact that this programme helped them to empower and not to give up on their ideas, as well as to acquire capacities to dialogue.

For the fourth year in a row, this educational programme has brought together activists of political parties, civil society organisations, students and journalists. This year’s Academy of Democracy will try to provide its students with various debates and practical skills in the field of the political system of Serbia, functioning of independent institutions, the judiciary, as well as drafting public policies.