CRTA’s Final Election Observation Report: Defeat of the state and the rule of law

- / 14.02.2024.

CRTA assessed that the extraordinary parliamentary and Belgrade elections, held on December 17, 2023, were not free and fair, as stated in the Final report of the CRTA’s Election Observation Mission, presented today at the media conference in Belgrade. The election outcomes emerged as a result of the unlawful advantages gained by the ruling party,…

Final Election Observation Report – Summary

-- / 14.02.2024.

The extraordinary parliamentary and Belgrade elections were not free and fair. The election outcomes emerged as a result of the unlawful advantages gained by the ruling party, with the complicity of several state institutions and authorities – primarily the Ministry of  Public Administration and Local Self-Government, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as…

Crta’s Program Director speech in front of the members of  the Bundestag EU Affairs Committee

- / 19.01.2024.

Read the full speech of Rasa Nedeljkov, Crta Program Director and Chief of the Crta’s Election Observation Mission in front of the members of  the Bundestag EU Affairs Committee. Respective Chair, respective members of the Committee, Once again, elections in Serbia were not conducted as a mechanism for potential change, but as a showcase of…

One voter in several cities and countries – at once

- / 17.01.2024.

After the numerous irregularities and abuses that we, as the CRTA Election Observation Mission noted before, during and after Election Day, and which we presented to the public on several occasions, citizens have gotten in contact with us and shared information about manipulations related to elections. Investigating information obtained from citizens and cross-checking it with…

The results of the Belgrade elections largely stemmed from illegal electoral engineering

- / 22.12.2023.

Based on the information gathered and the analyses conducted thus far, the CRTA Election Observation Mission expresses a well-founded suspicion that in the elections on December 17, organized voter migrations occurred to an extent that crucially influenced the outcome of the very close elections for the Belgrade City Assembly – this is the main conclusion…

Preliminary Statement on Organized Voter Migration Ahead of the December 17, 2023 Elections in Serbia

-- / 22.12.2023.

Organized voter migration is a type of electoral engineering that includes coordinated behavior of voters that temporarily change their residence to another constituency to influence voting results. In Serbia, in the Elections 2023 it might have been used on a large scale to influence the outcomes of the local elections strategically called only in one…

Live Blog – Follow the situation live

- / 18.12.2023.

01.38 – CRTA will announce the projection of the election results on Monday at 13.00h We will announce the projection of the election results at the Belgrade elections on Monday, December 18 at 13:00, along with the overall assessment of the election day. Problems that marked the election day on December 17 were particularly serious…


- / 18.12.2023.

CRTA Election Observation Mission assesses that drastic abuses of voters’ rights, laws and institutions escalated on Election Day. We bring attention to serious concerns regarding the quality of Parliamentary elections, and their further departure from standards for free and fair elections. Considering the scope and diversity of electoral abuses in Belgrade we conclude that the…

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