Recommendations for the improvement of the work of the National Assembly presented at the conference "Parliament – what’s next?"


In order to contribute to the initiation of the democratic functioning of the Parliament, the CRTA has made 46 recommendations relating to the process of adopting laws, strengthening parliamentary control over the executive, increasing public involvement and improving cooperation with independent institutions.

On the state of democracy and the threats to regional cooperation with the ministers of foreign affairs of the countries of the Western Balkans and the European Union


The meeting between six representatives of civil society organizations from the region and the ministers of foreign affairs of the countries of the Western Balkans and the European Union, was held from 3rd to 5th July at the 2019 Western Balkans Summit in Poznan, within the Berlin Process initiative.

Initiative Open Parliament celebrates seven years


Since June 2012, Open Parliament informs citizens on the work of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, monitors MPs activities and events in the Assembly. In seven years, 1057 laws were adopted in 682 working days in the plenary which were analysed, more than 250,000 MPs speeches were published, almost 300 law abstracts, over 30 surveys on parliamentary processes and the work of the Assembly, and more than 900 citizens questions were collected.

Our topics

“If not us, who? If not now, when?” – John F. Kennedy

Democratic culture

Because politics is not just for politicians. It is our human and citizen right to participate in the processes of making decisions which influence our lives. A dialogue has no alternative.

Free and fair elections

Because elections are the pillars of democracy. It is every citizen’s right to decide on whom to give his/her vote in free and fair conditions. Our vote is valuable and it can make a difference.

Open institutions

Because institutions serve the citizens. We need strong institutions with integrity which protect the public interest.

Free media

Because media should ask questions and critically analyse the reality. We need the media which protect the public interest and tackle the needs of the citizens.

Latest publications

What can you do in Serbia when you build a small hydropower plant?

Ever since 2009 when the first Decree on Incentive Measures for Electricity Genera­tion from Renewable Energy Sources was adopted (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” 99/09) the status of a privileged power pro­ducer can be acquired by owners of approximately one hundred small hydropower plants with the in­stalled power of up to 1 MW.1 These plants make for 1.26% of the total electricity generation capacities in 2019.

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Battle for the airport

The City Council of Niš passed on the deci­sion to transfer the ownership of the Kon­stantin Veliki Airport into the hands of the Republic of Serbia on March 31st 2018. The next day, the first spontaneous protest took place. The citizens of Niš gathered in front of the City As­sembly housing the City Council and the Mayor’s Office. This spontaneous protest was an introducti­on to the process that would last three months and would be marked by a number of mass protests of citizens of Niš against the decision to “hand over the airport“. It ended on June 22nd at the session of the Assembly of the City of Niš, when the decision of the City Council was adopted.

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Our initiatives


A civic media calling politicians and public officials to accountability for public say.

Citizens on Watch

Active citizens for fair and free elections in Serbia.


Open Parliament

What’s happening in the Parliament? Get involved, it’s all about you.

Defending the Right to Know

We have the right to be informed about the work of public institutions and to an Independent Institution of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance.

Istinomer News Briefs

To know not only what happened, but why it happened. To find out more in less time. News as they should be.

 Who Is in My Government

Has the local councilor flew over to another party in your or neighboring municipality? Learn more or report.

Access to Information

The right to free access to information of public importance implies your right to request and receive information regarding the work of public authorities.

Citizens on Watch Data

Accessible, searchable and comparable results of presidential and parliamentary elections.

Inspiring Girls Serbia

Part of a global campaign aimed to inspire girls to freely and without prejudice pursue their professional choices and dreams.

Open Government Partnership Serbia

The governments’ commitments to citizens include promotion of transparency, empowering citizens, fight against corruption and use of new technologies to strengthen the governance system.

Budget Info

You are interested in budget funds of your city or municipality? Here you can also access information about the amount of budget funds allocated to local public companies.


Compare your political attitudes with the attitudes of presidential candidates competing in the elections.

All information about presidential candidates in the 2017 elections at one place.



Access, liberate and reuse diverse public data at the state and local level in an open format.

Open Data Serbia

Innovative educational programs for data management, advocacy for opening of public data and creating digital solutions using available data in an open format.

Open Government

How does the Government work, to what extent is it accountable to citizens? Acquire the information about the annual work plan of the Government, as well as regulations, proposed laws and strategies.


How many promises of the current president has been fulfilled? Track the (non)fulfillment of his promises through mandates.

Map the Money

Track the progress of investments in your city or municipality financed from the local budget.

Our Money, Our Concern

Take care of the management of public funds by authorities.