Invitation for the consultancy in communications

- / 04.05.2022.

CRTA invites experts to submit proposals for consultancy services in areas of communications, public relations and social networks outreach. The invitation aims to create the database of communications experts that would be engaged per need basis for provision of the expert support to CRTA and other civil society organizations in terms of strengthening their communications capacities.

Comparison: How citizens of Serbia and Belgrade voted in the presidential and parliamentary elections?

- / 29.04.2022.

CRTA’s Observation Mission monitored the parliamentary, presidential, and elections for members of the Belgrade City Assembly on the basis of two representative and random samples of 500 polling stations in Serbia and 450 in Belgrade.

Elections 2022 – Preliminary Report on Observing the Election Day

/ 15.04.2022.

The election of members of the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, the presidential election, and local elections in 13 local self-government units, including Belgrade, were held simultaneously on April 3, 2022. The parliamentary and presidential elections were organized with the Republic of Serbia as one constituency. The parliamentary and local elections were conducted using a proportional electoral system, and parliamentary mandates are distributed by the system of the highest quotient between candidate lists that have crossed the electoral threshold of 3 percent of all valid votes. The presidential elections were conducted using the majority electoral system, through direct voting for presidential candidates.

Second Preliminary Long-Term Observation Report; February 15th – March 25th

/ 12.04.2022.

The preliminary report of the Observation Mission on the quality of the election campaign for the presidential, parliamentary, and Belgrade city elections, which will be held on April 3, 2022, shows that the institutions responsible for law enforcement and protection of voting rights have not sufficiently contributed to protecting the public interest or achieving higher…

Results of the Presidential, Parliamentary and Belgrade elections 2022

- / 04.04.2022.

On the basis of processed data from 99 percent of polling stations, voter turnout in presidential elections elections is 58,6 percent (margin of error 1 percent).     On the basis of processed data from 99 percent of polling stations, voter turnout in parliamentary elections elections is 58,7 percent (margin of error 1 percent).  …

Chaotic Election Day As Result of the Poor Electoral Process

- / 04.04.2022.

Election day went in an atmosphere full of tensions that on several occasions escalated into physical violence, manifesting the unpreparedness of election administration and the lack of citizens’ trust in institutions. Extremely poor organization of the voting process and tensions on the election day were the expected outcome of the continuous degradation of the integrity of the electoral process in its entirety, which was marked by strengthening and sophistication of mechanisms of electoral corruption, and endangerment of citizens’ voting rights.

Voter turnout by 19:00 slightly higher than in previous elections

- / 03.04.2022.

A total of 55,1 percent of citizens voted in the presidential elections by 19:00 (margin of error 1 percent). In comparison, voter turnout by 19:00 in the 2016 parliamentary elections amounted to 53,1 percent, and 45,5 percent in 2020. On the territory of Belgrade, voter turnout by 19:00 in parliamentary elections is 52,2 (margin of error 0,6 percent), which is 4 percent points higher than in the 2018 Belgrade elections.

A total of 42,1 percent of voters voted in parliamentary elections by 16:00, tensions marked the first half the day, irregularities recorded

- / 03.04.2022.

A total of 42,1 percent of voters registered in the Voters’ List voted in parliamentary elections by 16:00 (margin of error 1 percent).  In comparison, voter turnout by 16:00 in the 2016 parliamentary elections was 39,6 percent, and 34,6 percent in the 2020 elections.  On the territory of Belgrade, voter turnout in parliamentary elections is slightly lower than in the rest of Serbia, amounting to 37,9 percent (margin of error 0,7 percent). 

Put the Stop to Violence and Tensions

- / 03.04.2022.

In the first half of the election day only, CRTA’s observers recorded several cases of physical and verbal violence at and in the vicinity of polling stations, while other violent incidents were reported as well.

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