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Indifference towards EU; concern about the war in Ukraine

/ 22.11.2022.

The citizens of Serbia are less and less interested in Serbia’s future in the EU, while the attitude towards the war in Ukraine shifts. These are the results of CRTA’s field research of public opinion, done from September 24th to October 3rd. More than a third of citizens (36%) would be indifferent towards accession to the EU, while 28% would be glad, and 33% would be concerned. An even bigger percentage, 43%, would be indifferent towards rupture of EU accession negotiations.

Media monitoring: The war in Ukraine cast a shadow over all other topics

- / 06.07.2022.

During the first three months of the war in Ukraine, this topic was dominant in the media, while other topics were completely marginalised. Unlike the period before the start of the war when the media was sympathetic to Russia, after the start of the conflict that open support was softened. Nevertheless, according to media monitoring…

Conference “Democracy; a Minimal Consensus” – Conclusions

/ 04.07.2022.

In order to encourage an open dialogue on key issues pertaining to the future of democracy in Serbia, in light of critical circumstances on the internal and international level, Crta organized the two-day multi-stakeholder international conference “Democracy; a Minimal Consensus” on June 27 and 28 in Belgrade.  We gathered more than 200 representatives of state…

Survey: Democracy on the Margin of the War

/ 15.06.2022.

The goal of the survey was to determine the attitudes of Serbian citizens about the status of democracy in the country, in particular regarding the elections held on 3 April 2022, as well as foreign policy views. Specifically, it deals with the means of news information about social and political topics, opinions on the situation…

At the repeated vote at the polling station 6 in Bujanovac majority of votes went to the electoral list “Coalition of Albanians from the Valley”, attempts to breach electoral procedures recorded

- / 28.05.2022.

A total of 618 out of 1.089 citizens with the right to vote, i.e. 56,7 percent, voted at the second revote within parliamentary elections at the polling station 6 in Bujanovac (Veliki Trnovac), which is less than in the previous revote which recorded a turnout of 64 percent. 

Invitation for the consultancy in communications

- / 04.05.2022.

CRTA invites experts to submit proposals for consultancy services in areas of communications, public relations and social networks outreach. The invitation aims to create the database of communications experts that would be engaged per need basis for provision of the expert support to CRTA and other civil society organizations in terms of strengthening their communications capacities.

Comparison: How citizens of Serbia and Belgrade voted in the presidential and parliamentary elections?

- / 29.04.2022.

CRTA’s Observation Mission monitored the parliamentary, presidential, and elections for members of the Belgrade City Assembly on the basis of two representative and random samples of 500 polling stations in Serbia and 450 in Belgrade.

Elections 2022 – Preliminary Report on Observing the Election Day

/ 15.04.2022.

The election of members of the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, the presidential election, and local elections in 13 local self-government units, including Belgrade, were held simultaneously on April 3, 2022. The parliamentary and presidential elections were organized with the Republic of Serbia as one constituency. The parliamentary and local elections were conducted using a proportional electoral system, and parliamentary mandates are distributed by the system of the highest quotient between candidate lists that have crossed the electoral threshold of 3 percent of all valid votes. The presidential elections were conducted using the majority electoral system, through direct voting for presidential candidates.

Second Preliminary Long-Term Observation Report; February 15th – March 25th

/ 12.04.2022.

The preliminary report of the Observation Mission on the quality of the election campaign for the presidential, parliamentary, and Belgrade city elections, which will be held on April 3, 2022, shows that the institutions responsible for law enforcement and protection of voting rights have not sufficiently contributed to protecting the public interest or achieving higher…

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Free and fair elections

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Open institutions

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