Starting in 2005, CRTA has been working on the development of its own Training center. All of the CRTA trainers have NDI (National Democratic Institute) certificates and have specialized in trainings focusing on the development of organizational capacities, political skills, as well as the organization and managing advocacy campaigns.

Trainers working with CRTA have held over 500 trainings with more than 6000 participants, mostly young activists of the civil society oriented NGOs and political parties in Serbia and the region.

Some of the topics we have worked on are:


  • Public and budget advocacy
  • Phases of a successful campaign
  • Research
  • Survey creation
  • Leadership
  • Targeting
  • Project writing
  • Fundraising
  • Resource management
  • Strategic planning
  • Teamwork
  • Survey as a method of problem identification
  • Campaign management
  • Human resources and volunteers
  • Time management
  • Elections observation
  • Newsletter
  • Debates
  • Public speaking
  • Door to door campaigning
  • Get out the vote campaign (GOTV)
  • Female empowerment campaign
  • Press conference
  • Media campaign
  • Event planning
  • Communication message
  • Negotiation
  • Press release
  • Rural campaign
  • Printed material
  • Role and responsibility of the local government
  • Internal communication

In the future, CRTA plans to expand the Training center’s capacities through constant education and support of professional development of its employees, members and activists.