Voters’ turnout 54.2 percent, Aleksandar Vucic won the majority of 54.9 percent of votes

/ 02.04.2017.

According to 95 percent of processed sample, presidential candidate Aleksandar Vucic won majority of votes, 54.9 percent in total, the CRTA election observation mission ‘Citizens on Watch’ stated. With 16.2 percent of votes Sasa Jankovic came in second place, followed by Luka Maksimovic with 9.4 percents of votes and Vuk Jeremic with 5.8 percent of votes.

Presidential elections 2017-Polling stations are open

/ 02.04.2017.

Opening of the polling stations for the presidential elections in Serbia went mainly in accordance with the valid procedures, CRTA election observation mission ‘Citizens on Watch’ stated. All observers were granted the access to the polling stations.

Citizens to vote freely, elections stakeholders to obey the rules

/ 30.03.2017.

On the eve of the Election Day April 2nd, the CRTA observation mission “Citizens on Watch” invites citizens to express their will freely at polls, and all election stakeholders to respect the law and election regulations, to behave in the spirit of democratic, free and fair elections.

Long term observers preliminary report summary

/ 03.03.2017.

Serbia shall hold ordinary presidential elections on April 2nd 2017. These elections were called with the shortest possible legal margin, which created pressure among all participants in the electoral process, from the electoral administration to the very candidates. It should be pointed out that before the calling of elections, there was a sense of uncertainty over which elections would actually take place.  

ACTION SEE Advisory Board meeting was held

/ 27.02.2017.

On February 23rd, in the GEM Club in Skopje – Macedonia, an ACTION SEE Advisory board meeting was held. The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the Advisory Board members with the ACTION SEE project implemented by Metamorphosis Foundation, Westminster Foundation for Democracy, CRTA – Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability, Citizens Association Why not?, Center for Democratic Transition, Open Data Kosovo (ODK) and Levizja Mjaft!.

Third meeting with the partners from the project ACTION SEE took place

/ 24.02.2017.

On February 23rd, a third meeting was held with the ACTION SEE – Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in South East Europe Action partners in the GEM Club in Skopje, Macedonia.

Initial meeting marks commencement of Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in SEE project

/ 12.02.2017.

The initial coordination meeting of the ACTION SEE – Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in SEE project partners took place in Belgrade on February 8-9, 2016. The meeting was attended by representatives from the project coordinator Metamorphosis Foundation, as well as partner organisations Westminster Foundation for Democracy 

Request for applications grants for civil society organizations

/ 01.12.2016.

ACTION SEE – Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in SEE announces: Request for Applications Grants for Civil Society Organizations.

Index of parliamentary openness – Serbia and region 2016

/ 12.09.2016.

During the past year parliaments in the region made a minor progress in terms of improving access to information about their work and openness to the public.

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Free and fair elections

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