Parliamentary Openness Index – Serbia and the Region

/ 11.12.2014.

The “Parliamentary Openness Index in Serbia and the Region“ report aims to inform us on the status of parliamentary openness in the region and is based on the study of applied criteria for parliamentary openness contained in the Declaration on Parliament.

BIG DEAL: Civilised monotony?

/ 13.11.2014.

This report is part of larger project, BIG DEAL, Civic Oversight of the Kosovo – Serbia Agreement Implementation. CRTA, BIRN Kosovo and Internews Kosova have partnered to monitor the implementation of these EU-brokered agreements.

Audit of political engagement in Serbia 2014

/ 15.09.2014.

The Audit presents the assessment of the state of democracy in a society. Its main objective was to determine the level of citizens’ interest and motivation to participate in democratic processes in Serbia, including different forms of engagement: from voting in elections to concrete actions.

Our topics


Democratic culture

Because politics is not just for politicians. It is our human and citizen right to participate in the processes of making decisions which influence our lives. A dialogue has no alternative.


Free and fair elections

Because elections are the pillars of democracy. It is every citizen’s right to decide on whom to give his/her vote in free and fair conditions. Our vote is valuable and it can make a difference.


Open institutions

Because institutions serve the citizens. We need strong institutions with integrity which protect the public interest.


Free media

Because media should ask questions and critically analyse the reality. We need the media which protect the public interest and tackle the needs of the citizens.