Media monitoring of political pluralism June 2022 – May 2023

Over the past 12 months, the media landscape in Serbia suggests that there is an absolute dominance of the ruling parties, where their average representation in the media in the previous period was held at 95%. With the end of the election campaign, the representation of the opposition in the media decreased significantly.
The considerably low representation of the opposition became somewhat larger in the crisis months, i.e. in February and May 2023. In the period when the special session on Kosovo was held and in the moment when two mass murders took place, the opposition became somewhat more represented in the media. However, the tone and the manner in which the opposition is presented in light of these events is noticeably negative. Compared to other actors, the data indicate that representatives of the ruling majority are more positively represented in the context of these events.Another piece of information that emerged from media monitoring is the fact that President Vučić addressed the nation live on television more than once a day, on average. This trend has been fairly stable over the past 12 months, where the total number of broadcasts reached 65 in April.

Here are our findings.