Elections 2022 – Final report

Taking into account the entire election process, from the moment of announcing the election to the announcement of the final results, the Monitoring Mission of the Line assesses that the integrity of the election was significantly threatened because the equality of the election participants was collapsed in favor of the parties in power, the voters were deprived of even and objective information about the election offer, and the freedom of choice was threatened for certain groups of the population. Comprehensive changes to election laws, which, contrary to international democratic standards, were implemented before the announcement of elections, along with the abandonment of the decades-long practice of organizing elections, burdened the election administration and contributed to legal uncertainty. The elections were marked by widespread clientelistic practices, pressures and intimidation, pronounced media inequality, and abuse of institutional advantages that blurred the line between the state and the ruling party. Attempts to protect the integrity of the election remained without a timely institutional response and without an epilogue.

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