Truth-o-Meter’s Tenth Anniversary

/ 27.11.2019.

Jubilees are, as a rule, an opportunity to enumerate effort and success. For pride and praise. In the spirit of Truth-o-Meter  that defends the truth, the main message of the campaign marking our tenth anniversary is not enthusiastic.

Creating the rule of law through dialogue

/ 19.11.2019.

“Only through a joint dialogue that will help us define desires and direction in which we want to move forward, can we achieve the rule of law in which citizens’ rights will be respected and laws enforced”, was the conclusion brought by the panel discussion “Discussion on the Rule of (Un) Law” organised by CRTA  and the  Politikon Network.

We insist that Igor Mirović be held accountable for misuse of public resources

/ 18.11.2019.

We urge the competent prosecutor’s office and the Anti-Corruption Agency to urgently react and initiate the proceedings against Igor Mirović, president of the Executive Committee of the AP Vojvodina Council who admitted in the N1 TV show that he had committed a crime
of misuse of public resources for political purposes.

Roadmap on good governance

/ 13.11.2019.

ACTION SEE provides a platform for dialogue and a concrete tool for measuring the degree to which state institutions uphold principles and standards of open governance through its Index of Openness. The project aims to increase the inclusion of civic society and media organisations in decision-making processes and the creation of public opinion and policies, as well as to raise the capacity of civic societies to address sensitive issues.

Openness of the Judiciary in Serbia and in the Region in 2018

/ 12.11.2019.

This year’s research confirmed that we still do not have a satisfactory level of judicial openness. Courts and prosecutors’ offices in the region on average meet less than half of the openness indicators. It is not encouraging that this result is almost the same as last year. On the contrary, it indicates that the issue…

CRTA files criminal charges against responsible persons in the Government of the AP of Vojvodina

/ 14.10.2019.

Due to suspected misuse of public resources for political purposes, CRTA will file another criminal charges as it found that among the more than 200 vehicles registered outside Lučani, observed on the day of the local elections in that municipality, on  December 16th, 2018, there was a Skoda Superb owned by the Government of the AP of Vojvodina.

International Day of the Girl Child marked with the event “Girls have the Word”

/ 11.10.2019.

The event “Girls have the Word” within the  “Inspiring Girls Serbia” campaign held at primary school “Kralj Petar II Karađorđević” in Belgrade, organised by CRTA, marked the International Day of the Girl Child. The aim of the global “Inspiring girls” campaign, which was launched in Great Britain and which is also conducted in Serbia, is to empower girls.

Openness of the Executive Power in Serbia and in the Region in 2018

/ 10.10.2019.

By monitoring the executive institutions work in 2018 in Serbia, we can conclude that the recorded problems and challenges are identical to those noted in 2017, but that they have become more complex in the meantime. The executive institutions openness index (the Government, ministries, the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and other executive…

CRTA proposed a draft Rulebook on electronic media obligations during the election campaign

/ 09.10.2019.

Since the Rulebook on electronic media obligations during the election campaign was repealed in February 2019, and drafting of a new one did not begin eight months later, CRTA prepared and offered a draft of the new document. CRTA prepared  the draft Rulebook  on the basis of the findings of monitoring previous election cycles and…

Our topics


Democratic culture

Because politics is not just for politicians. It is our human and citizen right to participate in the processes of making decisions which influence our lives. A dialogue has no alternative.


Free and fair elections

Because elections are the pillars of democracy. It is every citizen’s right to decide on whom to give his/her vote in free and fair conditions. Our vote is valuable and it can make a difference.


Open institutions

Because institutions serve the citizens. We need strong institutions with integrity which protect the public interest.


Free media

Because media should ask questions and critically analyse the reality. We need the media which protect the public interest and tackle the needs of the citizens.