Call for consultancy: Crisis communications expert

/ 05.04.2021.

CRTA is inviting an expert for crisis communications to contribute to the improvement of the organization’s internal capacities and processes for communication in crisis situations, through engagement with members of the organization.

Attitudes of Serbian citizens about participation in democratic processes 2020

/ 24.03.2021.

CRTA conducted a survey “Attitudes of Serbian citizens on participation in democratic processes 2020” during November 2020. The aim of the research was to determine the attitudes of Serbian citizens regarding political issues, as well as the degree of their readiness to participate in democratic processes that include various forms of civic participation – from voting in the elections to initiating and participating in actions. The research is a noteworthy presentation of the democratic state of society. The extent to which citizens are ready to get involved in social processes, to exercise their civil rights and to influence decision-makers are indicators of the “health” of a democracy.

Citizens are tired of the quest for democracy

/ 18.03.2021.

Serbia is formally a democratic state and a polarised society in which key democratic institutions, such as the Parliament or the elections, have been collapsing for years, critical thinking restrained, and citizens discouraged and detracted from participating in democratic processes – this is the conclusion of the conference at which the findings of the public opinion survey “Attitudes of Serbian citizens on participation in democratic processes 2020” conducted by the CRTA were presented.

There is no political pluralism in the news on television in Serbia

/ 07.03.2021.

From the announcement of the official results of the July 2020 parliamentary elections to the end of the January 2021, in the last seven months the ruling parties were by far the most represented in central informative programs on television with national frequency, while opposition parties were barely visible, that are the main findings of CRTA’s media monitoring analysis. The research covered the central news programs on RTS, Pink, Prva, Happy and B92 television.

Job Opportunity: Researcher

/ 04.03.2021.

We are looking for fellow researchers! If you have experience in qualitative or quantitative research, apply to join the CRTA research team. The researcher that joins our team will mostly deal with designing and carrying through research projects comprising focus groups and interviews. Additionally, along with other members of our research team, they will partake in planning and doing survey research, and various other research tasks. 

The state keeps ignoring the essential election problems

- / 02.03.2021.

The Opinion of the Serbian Government Working Group for cooperation with the OSCE and ODIHR in implementing recommendations to improve the election process was presented on March 1st at the meeting monitored by the CRTA in capacity of observer, will not contribute to solving key election problems existing in Serbia.

Parliamentary Insider for the period: October – December 2020

/ 28.01.2021.

In this issue, the Parliamentary Insider brings assessments of the work of the Parliament from October to December 2020. Read about the election of the leadership of the 12th convocation and other key developments, including adoptions of the Code of Conduct, conclusions on the European Commission’s Progress Report, and the discussion on reports of independent…

Digital Agenda Observatory

/ 25.01.2021.

The Digital Agenda is an initiative developed by the European Union, which has also been extended and adopted for six countries in the Western Balkan. It aims to ensure that citizens of the region can fully reap the benefits of the digital transformation.  This research is part of the Digital Agenda Observatory and is implemented in five Western Balkan countries as part of the project Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda. The issues addressed by the reports are specifically related to the chapters relevant to the Digital Agenda in particular Chapter 10 – Information Society and Media from the EU’s acquis, with a goal to reinvigorate the issues of the Western Balkans Digital Agenda on the EU agenda.

Before it’s too late: CRTA presents a proposal for 5 key changes for fair and free elections

- / 11.12.2020.

As we mark the 30th anniversary of the first multiparty elections in Serbia, with less than a year and a half to go until the regular presidential and Belgrade elections, as well as the announced early parliamentary elections, CRTA is presenting a proposal for five key changes necessary for elections in Serbia to become substantially, and not just formally, democratic. 

Our topics


Democratic culture

Because politics is not just for politicians. It is our human and citizen right to participate in the processes of making decisions which influence our lives. A dialogue has no alternative.


Free and fair elections

Because elections are the pillars of democracy. It is every citizen’s right to decide on whom to give his/her vote in free and fair conditions. Our vote is valuable and it can make a difference.


Open institutions

Because institutions serve the citizens. We need strong institutions with integrity which protect the public interest.


Free media

Because media should ask questions and critically analyse the reality. We need the media which protect the public interest and tackle the needs of the citizens.