This paper presents the results of an inquiry into transparency of public decision-making in four Western Balkans countries – Serbia, Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was inspired by a similar study conducted by Access Info Europe and partners during 2017.

Ordinary Belgrade elections were held in Serbia on March 4th 2018. CRTA observation mission monitored overall process of elections. This report presents detail findings and provide recommendations for improvement of the quality of electoral process.

The project collected and integrated existing municipal budgets in Serbia in pilot municipalities. Data Centar combined them in an easily searchable online platform for journalists, advocates, researchers, government officials, and the small section of the general public that might discover and spend time on the site.


Donor: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency


CRTA “Democracy Defender” Award Winner


The CRTA received the OSCE “Democracy Defender” Award for 2018 that is handed out to individuals and groups for their outstanding contribution to promotion of democracy and human rights protection in the spirit of the Declaration of Helsinki and other OSCE principles and values.  The “Democracy Defender” Award was established in 2016.

Belgrade Elections


CRTA monitored elections for the Assembly of the City of Belgrade councillors. As the capital and the largest city in the country, Belgrade bears a huge political and economic significance  (one fourth of Serbia’s voters have the right to vote at these elections and that the ratio of political powers in Belgrade and in the rest of the country is not entirely identical).

Citizens are pro-democratic but do not believe in changes


The fifth opinion poll “Audit of political engagement 2017”shows that only one in four citizens of Serbia are interested in politics, whereas the confidence in citizen engagement efficiency has been reduced this year and is at the lowest level in the last five years. The results indicate that the general trend of positive changes noted in the previous year has ceased.

Wilton Park again in Serbia


After more than ten tears, Wilton Park, the executive agency of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, organised in Serbia, in cooperation with the CRTA a conference aiming to encourage dialogues on the issues of quality of election processes and mechanisms for citizen participation in periods between elections.

Truth-O-Meter became a part of a global fact-checking network


The Truth-O-Meter became a part of a global network that gathers fact-checking organisations after the evaluation process. The network comprises a total of 49 organisations form the whole world. Read more about this topic on this link.

Truth-O-Meter News


The Truth-O-Meter launched “Truth-O-Meter News” as a daily dose of breaking news in order to inform citizens not only about what happened but also to explain why it happened.  You can get a morning briefing at 7 am every day on your e-mail or through a web or mobile application.


CRTA observes the presidential elections


During the presidential elections, the CRTA observed the entire election process as a domestic observation mission. More than 1,000 observers participated in the mission. The final report is available on this link.