We insist that Igor Mirović be held accountable for misuse of public resources

We urge the competent prosecutor’s office and the Anti-Corruption Agency to urgently react and initiate the proceedings against Igor Mirović, president of the Executive Committee of the AP Vojvodina Council who admitted in the N1 TV show that he had committed a crime
of misuse of public resources for political purposes.

Asked by the N1 TV reporter why the driver and the official vehicle of the Executive Council of the AP Vojvodina were in Lučani on the day of the local elections on December 16 th 2018, Mirović replied: “The official vehicle was in Lučani by my order. I heard that Đilas is sharing a huge amount of money, the money he had been collecting from the citizens of Serbia since 2004. To illustrate, the budget of Novi sad amounts to € 250 million. So, I sent the driver to see if that was true, fortunately it turned out to be incorrect.”

When giving this statement, Mr. Mirović forgot that he had not been summoned nor authorised to check the rumours regarding political opponents at the expense of the provincial government and at the expense of the citizens of Vojvodina and Serbia.

“Mocking the fact that numerous irregularities were observed in the elections in Lučani, Mr. Mirović practically mocks the public and laws. If the institutions fail to sanction such behaviour by a high government official, it will be the evidence of the absence of a rule of law”, says Raša Nedeljkov, programme director at CRTA.

We wish to remind the public that, after the elections in Lučani, we filed criminal charges against the responsible persons in 16 public companies and institutions whose vehicles were proven to have been present in Lučani on the Election Day. The last of a series of criminal charges was filed a few days ago against unknown persons of the Executive Council of AP Vojvodina. Thanks to his public confession, Mr.
Mirović made it easier for the prosecution to identify him as a person who must be prosecuted.