We condemn the inertia of the institutions in the case of the attack on Professor Danijel Sinani

In the case of a chauvinist attack of the Happy TV on the professor Danijel Sinani, we are yet again confronted with a situation where institutions do not do their jobs, do not protect citizens’ rights, and do not respond to an obvious example of illegal behaviour. There were no reactions whatsoever of the Prosecutor’s Office and the REM following the nationality-based insult hurled by the editor-in-chief of that medium, during a show on a television with national frequency.

CRTA thinks that the silence of the institutions is a sign that they approve of stigmatising citizens on the basis of ethnic origin.

In light of the dialogue on electoral conditions in which the (non) functioning of the Regulatory Authority of Electronic Media is one of the important issues, this example of REM avoiding to act in accordance with its competencies shows that this body, as it is now, is not ready to contribute to equal media representation, which is one of the key conditions for fair and free elections.