Analysis of the implementation of ODIHR recommendations in relation to the 2022 ODIHR Final Report on Presidential and Early Parliamentary Election in Serbia

The final report of the ODIHR Election Observation Mission on the April 2022 elections contains 26 recommendations for improving the electoral process in Serbia, nine of which are considered to be a priority. None of the recommendations from that report, which can be evaluated at this moment, are considered by CRTA as completely fulfilled. We would like to remind you that the activities of the state, i.e., of the Working Group for Cooperation with the OSCE/ODIHR, are non-transparent and that the public is not aware of the results of its work after the 2022 elections. According to the available information, out of 15 recommendations that can be evaluated, the CRTA analysis shows that progress was recorded only in the area related to the administrative aspects of the electoral process, while the recommendations related to the key problems in the electoral process – pressure on voters, misuse of public resources and public office and media reporting – remain unfulfilled. The readiness of the state to choose to respond only to recommendations that do not contribute to the fundamental resolution of election issues has been present in previous attempts to improve electoral conditions. 

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