Voting in local elections in Lucani started, turnout by 10am 12,4 percent

The polling stations in Lucani were opened for voting in local elections and voting proceeds mainly in accordance with established procedures, the CRTA election observation mission stated. A total of 16.483 voters is registered to vote in local elections in Lucani, while eight electoral lists compete in the elections.


Until 10am a total of 2.049 voters (12.4 percent) casted a vote.


CRTA’s observers were granted access to monitor the conduct of elections at all 43 polling stations.

Almost all polling stations were opened on time. Opening of polls with the delay of up to 30 minutes is recorded at five polling stations. Only one in five polling stations in Lucani is accessible for persons with disabilities.


Election irregularities were recorded at several polling stations. The bag with election material was not sealed with security lock at one polling station. Control ballot was not cast into an empty ballot box by the first voter prior to voting at four polling stations, while all permanent members of polling boards were not present at the opening of polls at four polling stations. High tensions were recorded at the polling station Kotraza, where the police intervened.

Among election irregularities, observers also recorded that three polling stations in Lucani were not organized in accordance with established procedures.


CRTA continues to monitor if these irregularities will affect the quality of the voting process and election results.


Along with Lucani, where CRTA has deployed election observers at polling stations, local elections are being held today in Kladovo, Kula and Doljevac.