The REM took on to increase the personal data protection of applicants

Citizens, the CRTA and the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Data Protection have managed together to oblige the REM to improve the protection of personal data collected from applicants.

The Regulatory Authority of Electronic Media issued an order requiring its employees to pay more attention to the processing of personal data, and to take all technical, personnel and organisational measures necessary to protect the data from unauthorised access, disclosure and any other misuse, as it was stated in the letter sent by the REM on March 19th to the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Data Protection. As stated in the letter, the order was forwarded to the executive director, general secretary and to all chiefs of services in the REM.

The Commissioner warned the REM about the illegal processing of personal data after  the CRTA submitted a request for supervision of the work of the regulatory body because the REM published 189 e-mail addresses of citizens who filed complaints regarding broadcasting of the Serbian Progressive Party video clip on TV Prva and TV Happy  via an online form  made by the CRTA.

This is a small victory that shows that citizens have the power and that they can both protect and defend their rights and increase the accountability of institutions. We will continue a joint fight.

We wish to thank all citizens who participated in the action #ProbudiREM (Wake up the REM).