Roadmap of CRTA’s recommendations for improving the work of independent institutions

Recommendations for improving the situation in the areas in the competence of the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, the Protector of Citizens and the Anti-Corruption Agency are the result of the long term monitoring and analyzing of activities of independent institutions. The subject of the Analysis is mostly the quality of the reports of the mentioned independent institutions and their recommendations, as well as the actions of the National Assembly according to the received reports. Therefore, the presented recommendations cover several different aspects of the functioning of independent institutions, with the common goal of improving the situation in the field of human rights and the fight against corruption. In order to improve the bigger picture, it is necessary to focus equal efforts on improving the practice of independent institutions, improving parliamentary procedures that should ensure the implementation of recommendations of independent bodies and acting on other recommendations. For this reason, the following recommendations by CRTA are aimed specifically at each of these actors: independent institutions, the National Assembly and other bodies of authority.

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