Mapping the media landscape in Serbia 2020 – 2021

Media landscape in Serbia is in a state of expansion, with currently 2,600 registered media outlets. This number refers to both traditional, i.e. television, radio and print, and online media. Television remains the most consumed media, without significant oscillations throughout the years. The launch of new cable channels in the past two years did not significantly influence media habits of Serbia citizens who continued to dominantly consume televisions with national terrestrial coverage. The radio is still regularly used by Serbia’s citizens, but it lost its socio-political influence by being degraded only to entertainment – in other words, radio today means music. Print media are facing significant challenges, marked by the decline of readership and difficult financial situation, which is evident in the constantly decreasing value of average rating points for printed media. In 2020, the Internet gained an equal volume of audience reach as television, but it is unlikely that the Internet will compromise the consumption of television content in the following period.

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