Pursuant to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, elections are free and voting is secret (article 52). The Copenhagen document obligates countries to organise free elections by secret ballot or by equivalent free voting procedure, under conditions which ensure in practice the free expression of the opinion of the electors in the choice of their representatives (CD 5.1). Suffrage shall be universal and every citizen of age and working ability of the Republic of Serbia shall have the right to vote and be elected. (article 52 of the Constitution). The Copenhagen document also foresees universal and equal suffrage to adult citizens (CD 7.3), whereas law and public authorities’ work must permit to voters to cast their ballots free of fear of retribution (7.7). Therefore, pressure on voters should be prevented and their freedom of choice ensured, and in order for that to be possible, a more active role of the public prosecutor’s office in the election process is needed, all categories should be guaranteed equal voting rights, and the Voters’ Register must be updated and verified.