Another important aspect of the equality of participants in the election campaign refers to their equal representation in the media. The Copenhagen document requires the government to allow political parties and organisations to compete with each other on a basis of equal treatment before the law and by authorities (7.6). The document further stipulates that state laws must allow political campaigns to be conducted in a fair and free atmosphere, both for political parties and candidates, who will not be prevented from freely presenting their views and opinions, and for voters, who cannot be prevented from learning and discussing them (7.7). Voters must have the freedom to form an opinion, and state bodies must respect the obligation of neutrality in relation to the media (VC I.3.1.a.i). In order to achieve these standards, it would be necessary to: prevent discrimination against campaign participants in the media and provide them with equal access to political advertising, to clearly define the REM’s obligations during the election campaign, and to introduce clear mechanisms for selecting and determining the REM’s Council responsibilities.