CRTA asks the Government, Crisis Response Team and the REC to urgently clarify the epidemiological conditions for the conduct of the re-voting process

CRTA’s election observation mission has requested from the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the COVID-19 Infection Disease Crisis Response Team and the Republic Electoral Commission to urgently (i.e. today) and unequivocally clarify the conditions for the conduct of the re-voting process on July 1, 2020, considering the accelerating number of infected persons evidenced in the past days.

We are confident that the public health must be of the utmost priority, and are determined to responsibly act towards members of our election observation mission, to be deployed at polling stations to monitor the election process on the day of re-vote. As we are neither competent nor authorized to assess the epidemiological situation, we have invited the authorized state institutions and bodies to act accountably and clearly state the level of risk for public health that could be caused by the re-voting process at more than 200 polling stations.