Truth-o-Meter’s Tenth Anniversary

Jubilees are, as a rule, an opportunity to enumerate effort and success. For pride and praise. In the spirit of Truth-o-Meter  that defends the truth, the main message of the campaign marking our tenth anniversary is not enthusiastic. On the contrary, we must say that we have been playing for the team of truth, but that the lie still has the lead.

The public today is even more polluted by lies, inconsistencies, irresponsible and unfulfilled promises and nonsense than a decade ago when we launched the first fact-checking medium in the region.

The fact that global circumstances have gone in the wrong direction is not at all comforting. All these years, we have been working hard and shown devotions, but we need to be aware of what has really been done. We know that we cannot assume all responsibility for the drop in the price of the truth in our society. However, we do not wish to hide our dissatisfaction. The good news is that we still have motivation and, that armed with greater experience and knowledge, we are ready to kick-start another 10-year period.

As part of the Anniversary Campaign, along with our readers, we are picking the greatest untruths from the rich archive of Truth-o-Meter. We are inviting you to vote on our website until December 5th, 2019 and to invite everyone to join in.

Let’s not lie to one another.