Polling stations open, 3.8 percent of voters voted by 10am

A total of 3,8 percent of voters registered in the voters registry voted in referendum on constitutional changes in the part related to the judiciary by 10 am, the CRTA’s observation mission stated. Margin of error with confidence interval of 95% was +/- 0,4 percent.

In comparison, 9,1 percent of voters voted by 10 am in parliamentary elections, held on June 21, 2020.

A total of 6.510.323 voters have the right to vote, at 8.150 polling stations in Serbia, not including polls abroad and in prisons and correctional facilities.

All polls were opened, however nearly 15% of polling stations with delay.

On significant number of polling stations – almost 30%, all members of polling boards were not present at the polls opening.

During opening of polls, almost all (97%) polling stations were equipped with required materials for prevention of spread of the coronavirus.

Observers of the CRTA’s observation mission are deployed on the random sample of 300 polling stations, representative for Serbia, without Kosovo and Metohija. Such observation of the voting process will enable CRTA to report on the voting process, compliance with laws and established procedures, voters’ turnout and voting results.

Observers are present at polling stations from preparation of polls for opening, at 6 am, until members of polling boards publish results of voting in referendum for specific polling station, thus ensuring the comprehensive insight into developments at polling stations on the day of the referendum.

CRTA will invest additional efforts into collection of information on voting process at polling stations in four municipalities (Kuršumlija, Novi Pazar, Raška and Vranje) where the Republic Electoral Commission, in the night before the voting process, added voters from Kosovo and Metohija. However, these polling stations will not be included in reporting about the turnout and voting results.

CRTA does not have deployed observers and does not monitor the voting process at polling stations abroad nor in prisons and correctional facilities.

The first media conference of the CRTA’s observation mission is scheduled for 4:30 pm. The conference will be presented live at CRTA’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.