Observers restricted to monitor the vote count at three polling stations

Following the closing of polling stations, CRTA observers were restricted to monitor the vote count at three polling stations. Although a half an hour later observers were ultimatelly allowed to observe this process at two polling stations, these developments disable observers to evidence and report on the accuracy of voting results from these polling stations, since they were not present at the polling stations the entire period of the vote count process.

In the period between 4 pm and 7 pm CRTA recorded the increase in the number of irregularities at polling stations from six to eight percent. Law violations and irregularities were also recorded outside of polling stations at one percent of polls. These cases included campaigning within 50 meters from the polling station. Also, cases of evidencing voters through separate lists and bringing groups of voters to cast a vote was recorded at seven percent of polling stations. While these issues are not regulated by the law, they could refer either to a strong political party organization or point to cases of pressure on voters.



A total of 48,2 percent of citizens registered in the voters list have voted at the Belgrade City Council elections until 7 pm. Margin of error was +/- 0,4 percent.

CRTA’s monitoring of the Belgrade elections is based on statistical principles that allow the effective and systemic observation of the election process on the day of the vote. CRTA uses the parallel vote tabulation methodology (PVT) that enables the assessment of the overall voting process on the Election Day – opening of polling stations, voting process and vote count – in an unbiased and systematic manner. PVT methodology uses a random and representative sample of polling stations, meaning that the results are representative for the entire territory.

 CRTA is a member of the global and European networks of election monitoring organizations – GNDEM and ENEMO.

CRTA election observation mission will issue the next public statement after the vote count and processing of data within its sample (around 10 pm). You may follow the conference live at the website or at the Facebook page