Team and associates

Zeljka Cvejin


Željka joined CRTA’s Policy Lab team in 2018. She graduated from the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad, department of Internal Affairs. Her strong desire to question social norms and analyze them, led her to focus on working in the civil sector. She wishes to change, rather than adhere to strict rules. She gained experience by working for Vojvodina Civic Center as a program assistant, doing research in the field of transitional justice, dealing with the past and human rights. She participated in numerous international and regional projects, while perfecting herself through non-formal education. Her main areas of interest, along with the aforementioned, are theater, graphic novels, hiking and diving (in seas of paper, as well as scuba diving).

In 2018, CRTA received the Democracy Defender Award, globally awarded by the OSCE, for its outstanding contribution to promoting democracy and defending human rights.