The elections could deepen the political crisis

/ 16.01.2020.

“We are worried that the upcoming elections could deepen the crisis of democracy in Serbia. We fear that the number of citizens who do not see elections as a path of political change will increase and that even greater conflicts could threaten political stability in Serbia and the region”, has said today in Paris Vukosava Crnjanski, director at CRTA, while addressing the Monitoring Council of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Middle management capacity building training: Terms of reference

/ 27.12.2019.

Towards supporting the growth both within individual teams and the organization as a whole, CRTA invites an expert consultancy for further strengthening of middle management skills and competencies, including concrete skills such as decision making, facilitation and meeting management, offering feedback, managing relationships through training and coaching.

Prime Minister Brnabić and Minister Đorđević in a public officials’ campaign

/ 27.12.2019.

CRTA filed complaints to the Anti-Corruption Agency against Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, and Minister of labour, employment, veteran and social policy Zoran Đorđević, for violating legal provisions preventing misuse of public resources in order to promote a political

Citizens do not report corruption because of distrust in institutions

/ 24.12.2019.

The number of Serbian citizens who would not report corruption due to fear of consequences and distrust in competent institutions significantly increased according to the results of a comprehensive poll “Public Opinion and Corruption” conducted by the CRTA in November 2019.

Insufficient implementation of the recommendations of international and domestic election observers

/ 20.12.2019.

The CRTA welcomes the decision of the OSCE/ODIHR mission that assessed that it is necessary that this international organisation monitors the upcoming elections in Serbia to the fullest extent.

Istinomer website under the attack of hackers, a criminal complaint filed

/ 17.12.2019.

Today, Istinomer editorial board has filed a criminal complaint against NN persons to the Cyber Crime Department of Serbian Ministry of Interior because of the DDOS attack carried out against Istinomer website on 16 December 2019.

Insufficient legal improvements to prevent a public officials’ campaign

/ 14.12.2019.

By adopting amendments to the Law on Prevention of Corruption, the Anti-Corruption Agency Act and the Law on Financing Political Activities, the National Assembly missed the opportunity to contribute to a more efficient prevention of public officials’ campaigning.

Rulebook on Obligations of Media Service Providers during Election Campaigns

/ 13.12.2019.

This Draft on the Rulebook on Obligations of Media Service Providers during Election Campaigns establishes detailed rules for carrying out the obligations set forth in articles 47 to 59 of the Law on Electronic Media (article 60 of the Law on Electronic Media).

REM still avoids protecting the public interest

/ 12.12.2019.

Having decided not to accept a series of constructive recommendations which were in line with international standards, the REM has essentially opted to continue avoiding fulfilling of its legally defined role and protecting the public interest in the electoral process.

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