Job Opportunity: Advocacy Manager

/ 09.10.2020.

We are looking for a colleague committed to supporting democracy, parliamentarism, elections, activism, media, civil society, to strengthen our program “Democratic Institutions” from the position of the Advocacy Manager.

Elections in Serbia: Simulation of Democracy

/ 17.09.2020.

Yet another election, a celebration of democracy, or in this case, a simulation of democracy in Serbia, finished. The circumstances of holding the elections were unique. The atmosphere before the elections had been called, and also during the campaign, was characterised by the boycott of some of the opposition parties. The reasons for a boycott were poor electoral circumstances and long years of deterioration of the democratic institutions in Serbia. The backsliding of democracy was confirmed by many organisations, among them Freedom House, which this year assessed Serbia as the hybrid regime. The epidemic has affected the entire world, and it has also made an impact on the elections in Serbia as the election activities were interrupted for almost two months.

Civil society and media will not give up the fight for a democratic and free Serbia

/ 28.07.2020.

The media and civil society organizations demand from the Ministry of Finance and the Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering to immediately present the grounds for suspicion due to which they ordered the extraordinary collection of information about organizations, media, and individuals from the commercial banks.

Parliamentary Insider for May and June 2020

/ 22.07.2020.

In this issue, the Parliamentary Insider brings assessment of the work of the Parliament in May and June 2020. Read about the final sessions of the 11th parliamentary legislature held in May and other key developments, including the abolishment of the State of Emergency, hunger strikes of the MPs, and MPs boycott/election campaigning in the…

Elections 2020: Preliminary report on the Election Day, June 21st 2020

/ 02.07.2020.

The preliminary report on the Election Day of the CRTA observation mission refers primarily to the quality of the process on the Election Day and is based on information collected from more than 1,700 accredited and trained short-term observers, who were deployed on a random and representative sample of 500 polling stations1. Our observers monitored the Election Day from the preparation and opening of polling stations to their closure and the announcement of election results at the observed polling stations. In addition to observing the elections inside polling stations, some observers deployed in 150 mobile teams monitored events in front of and around polling stations, while specially trained teams of our observers

CRTA aborts the Observation of the Re-Voting Process on July 1 Due to Epidemiological Situation

- / 30.06.2020.

CRTA’s election observation mission has made the decision not to observe the re-vote at 234 polling stations due to the current epidemiological situation. With full responsibility for a large number of citizens, members of our civic election observation mission, who should be deployed to polling stations, and considering the accelerating number of infected persons evidenced…

CRTA asks the Government, Crisis Response Team and the REC to urgently clarify the epidemiological conditions for the conduct of the re-voting process

/ 29.06.2020.

CRTA’s election observation mission has requested from the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the COVID-19 Infection Disease Crisis Response Team and the Republic Electoral Commission to urgently (i.e. today) and unequivocally clarify the conditions for the conduct of the re-voting process on July 1, 2020, considering the accelerating number of infected persons evidenced in the past days.

Minimal Standards Fulfilled, Democracy Endangered

- / 22.06.2020.

In terms of the quality of the election day conduct and, more significantly, the entire election process, 2020 parliamentary elections are the worst among the elections that CRTA observed thus far – the CRTA’s election observation mission concluded. CRTA’s mission monitored the election day in parliamentary elections at the random representative sample of 500 polls, which ensured the assessment and reporting on regularity of the election conduct for all polling stations. 

Voter Turnout in Parliamentary Elections Lower than in 2016

- / 21.06.2020.

Considering the still ongoing assessment of the quality of the election process, as well as the currently processed 87 percent of the monitoring sample, CRTA unequivocally concludes that only three electoral lists passed the census: 

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