More than 1.700 trained CRTA’s observers will monitor the election day on June 21

- / 14.06.2020.

CRTA’s election observation mission finalized the recruitment and training of more than 1.700 observers who will be deployed at the random representative sample of 500 polling stations on the Election Day on June 21. Observation of the election process at this sample will enable CRTA to report on election developments, as well as compliance with the law and electoral procedures at all polling stations in Serbia.

Elections 2020: Summary – CRTA Long term observation report

/ 11.06.2020.

The election process and all election activities had been suspended for almost two months because of the declaration of the state of emergency due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. These are important factors influencing the elections in Serbia in 2020. The pause and the state of emergency were reflected in the dynamics of the election…

How are we going to observe the election day – June 21?

- / 11.06.2020.

As domestic observation mission observing the elections by the highest international standards, CRTA will monitor and assess the quality of the election process on the election day, June 21, 2020. CRTA’s observes will be deployed at the random and representative sample of 500 polling stations across the country. In addition, CRTA’s mobile teams will monitor developments outside of polling stations in all Serbia’s regions on the election day, as well as the work of the Republic Electoral Commission.

Parliamentary Insider for March and April 2020

/ 02.06.2020.

In this issue, the Parliamentary Insider brings assessment of the work of the Parliament in March and April 2020. The key highlights are the reduced activities of the MPs during Spring Session, proclamation of the state of emergency and convening of the first sitting during the state of emergency.

REM Election Monitoring 2020: Biased and Opaque

/ 30.05.2020.

SUMMARY The last time the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) has published its election media monitoring was 2014 parliamentary elections. Since then, domestic and international election observers have advocated that REM regains its institutional role in ensuring equal media representation without discrimination, required by the Law on Electronic Media. However, the first results of…

Case Study: Oliver in action

/ 25.05.2020.

Stories of whistle-blowers spread the word about people who do their best and whose enthusiasm and dedication do not fade way, who are courageous enough to confront those on the other side of the law.  This case study is about a whistle-blower who has proven that rising voice makes sense. Oliver Adžić, water bailiff from…

Corruption and Organised Criminal in Serbia – What is the Price of Integrity?

/ 22.05.2020.

According to the latest annual report published by Transparency International, Serbia is down for four ranks in the Corruption Perception Index compared to the previous year. Serbia’s decline in rankings for such reports is not surprising since primary strategic documents are often “forgotten”, the laws are adopted in order to meet the international community requirements while in practice the laws are neither applied nor observed. The whistle-blowers who are playing an important role in reporting corruption are not protected, and often have to endure the pressure from the institutions. Insufficient control of financing political parties is also affected by the corruption, and political pressure continues to be noticeable at all institutional levels, starting from independent authorities such as Anti-
Corruption Agency work, all the way to the police and prosecution.

18 plus, a series about a generation that acquires the right to vote

- / 18.05.2020.

CRTA proudly presents a documentary series “18 plus”, which will be available to N1 TV viewers and on the CRTA YouTube channel as of May 23rd. The series consists of 8 short films about 8 girls and boys from Serbia who have just reached the age of majority and acquired the right to vote in the 2020 elections.

In the state of emergency, the regime is absolutely dominant on televisions with national coverage

- / 16.05.2020.

Members of the ruling majority dominated the contents of programmes of television stations with national frequencies and occupied 91 percent of time dedicated to political entities in the extended prime-time on: RTS 1, Prva, Pink, Happy and B92 – as shown in the findings of the media monitoring performed by the CTRA in the period from the state of emergency proclamation on March 15th until its revocation on May 6th.

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