Election campaign present even before the elections were called, CRTA submitted nine charges to the Anti-corruption Agency

CRTA’s election observation mission has started the long-term observation of the pre-election period in Serbia in accordance with international standards for an independent election monitoring by citizen organizations. A team of 120 long-term observers has been monitoring key segments of the campaign for election of Members of the Parliament three weeks before the elections were…

A door-to-door campaign allowed or not?

There has been a lot of talks on social networks and media recently about whether party activists can knock on citizens’ doors asking them for whom they will vote. The question that has logically arisen is whether a door-to-door campaign is allowed or not.

Olivera Zekić’s standpoint can be interpreted as a call to media bias

The claims that Olivera Zekić, the REM Council member made in the interview for the daily Večernje novosti, saying that television with national frequency ”do not have the obligation to provide space for the boycott advocates” are confusing for the public and can be interpreted as inadmissible interference with media editorial policy, as well as threatening the interest of the public to be informed as comprehensively as possible about the election process.