In the state of emergency, the regime is absolutely dominant on televisions with national coverage

Members of the ruling majority dominated the contents of programmes of television stations with national frequencies and occupied 91 percent of time dedicated to political entities in the extended prime-time on: RTS 1, Prva, Pink, Happy and B92 – as shown in the findings of the media monitoring performed by the CTRA in the period from the state of emergency proclamation on March 15th until its revocation on May 6th.

The City Emergency Headquarters in Bor unconstitutionally and illegally restricts human rights

On April 6th, the City Emergency Headquarters in Bor adopted 11 orders introducing, inter alia, measures hindering human and minority rights although the Constitution and the laws of Serbia do not foresee such authority of the city headquarters. Orders, issued contrary to provisions of the Constitution and the law considerably and illegally restrict human rights and introduce obligations, i.e. responsibilities for groups of citizens that laws do not recognise and to a large extent cause legal uncertainty amongst citizens.