Opening of polling stations mainly in accordance with established procedures


The opening of polling stations for the Belgrade City Council elections went mainly in accordance with established procedures, the CRTA election observation mission stated. A total of 1.606.931 citizens has the right to vote in Belgrade elections.

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CEC to enable domestic observers to monitor the work of the Electoral Commission


After more than 20 days, the City Electoral Commission (CEC) have not approved domestic observers to attend the CEC sessions and monitor the work of this electoral body.

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CRTA started with monitoring of Belgrade pre-election campaign


Belgrade, February 1st, 2018 - The CRTA observation mission Citizens on Watch started today the long-term monitoring of the electoral process in 17 Belgrade municipalities.

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Audit of political engagement in Serbia 2017


CRTA presented the research : Audit of political engagement Serbia 2017

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CRTA designed roadmap for improvement of good governance in Serbia


On the basis of conducted analyzes and research, organization CRTA, in cooperation with partners from the regional network of civil society organizations „ActionSEE“ , has developed Roadmap on good governance for state institutions in the Republic of Serbia.

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Local self-governments fulfil less than one half of openness indicators


The overall openness index of local self-governments in Serbia is at a very low level as self-governments fulfil a total of 39% of indicators, according to the analysis “Openness of local self-governments in Serbia and in the region”.

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Insufficient level of openness of courts and public prosecutor’s offices


Judicial authorities in Serbia and in the region fulfil less than one half of openness indicators which leads to a conclusion that an urgent action is needed in order to improve the openness, as found out by the research “Openness of judiciary authorities in the region and in Serbia”.

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ACTION SEE on POINT conference: Governments do not understand the importance of the principle of openness


The Index of openness in SEE region, based on the research conducted by the ACTION SEE network, points to many similarities between the neighboring countries.

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