Election irregularities mainly caused by the abuse of public resources and unequal media representation in the campaign


Following its systematic observation of the elections in previous three years, CRTA developed 60 detailed recommendations for improvement of electoral conditions, also available on the gradjaninastrazi.rs website. At the conference, CRTA presented the recommendations which could influence improvements if addressed by the 2020 elections and which enjoy the greatest citizen support.

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Union of Informed Citizens received the Democracy Defender Award for 2019


The Union of Informed Citizens (UIC), an Armenian civil society organization, received the OSCE Democracy Defender Award for 2019. The award ceremony took place on March 11 in Vienna, and was attended by CRTA Director Vukosava Crnjanski as a representative of the last year’s Democracy Defender Award recipient.

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Letter to the Parliament: Proposed criteria for the election of a new Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection


Crta started the action “Hoću Poverenika, a ne poslušnika!” ("I want a Commissioner, not an obedient!") to draw attention to the fact that the process of electing the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection should be initiated and that the criteria of transparency, openness and integrity must be respected

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Crta submited criminal charges regarding Local elections in Lucani


Crta submited criminal charges against responsible persons in 11 public authorities and companies from Novi Sad, Pancevo, Vrbas, Vrsac, Sid and Ivanjica whose vehicles were present in Lucani during the local elections held on 16th of December 2018. Applications to the competent prosecutor's offices have been sent in regard to the criminal offense of misusing the position of the responsible person pursuant to art. 227 of the Criminal Code.

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 REM published data from citizens reporting SNS spot


Regulatory Authority of Electronic Media (REM) in an official response to the citizens who submitted the application for the broadcasting of the promotional video of the Serbian Progressive Party, published 189 email addresses of the applicants. In this way, personal data visible from many addresses, has become available without the consent of the person to whom they relate.

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Appeal to the Culture and Information Committee to review the quality of the Regulatory Authority of Electronic Media (REM) work


The organization Crta sent aappeal to MPs and members of the  Culture and Information Committee to schedule a session to review the work of the Regulatory Authority of Electronic Media (REM), regarding the decision of REM that the broadcasting of promotional political content in the information program is in accordance with the law .

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#ProbudiREM (Wake up the REM)- More than 650 applications submitted for SNS video


The Regulatory Authority of Electronic Media (REM) in less than 24 hours, received more than 650 reports regarding the broadcasting of the promotional video of the Serbian Progressive Party on televisions with a national frequency out of the pre-election campaign.

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Limited Freedoms in Serbia’s Democracy


Freedom House, as a world independent organization, announced that in 2018. the status of Serbia from a free country has been changed into Partly Free country. We are witnessing quite significant and rapid centralization of power in the hands of one branch of government - executive power, and the closure of institutions in the public interest. Institutions in Serbia and mechanisms created to protect citizens and the public interest actually serve some other influences

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