Initiative Open Parliament celebrates seven years


Since June 2012, Open Parliament informs citizens on the work of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, monitors MPs activities and events in the Assembly. In seven years, 1057 laws were adopted in 682 working days in the plenary which were analysed, more than 250,000 MPs speeches were published, almost 300 law abstracts, over 30 surveys on parliamentary processes and the work of the Assembly, and more than 900 citizens questions were collected.

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The third generation of the Academy for Democracy is ready for dialogue and change


“It is necessary to open up institutions and leaders for potential dialogues with young people who are eager for change and advancements, while the growing apathy among future generations can be overcome by education and information“, this is the conclusion of a panel discussion  “Two angles - is there a dialogue between us?” held during the final event and the diploma awarding ceremony to the  third generation of students of the Academy for Democracy organised by the CRTA with the support of the OSCE Mission to Serbia.

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The Anti-Corruption Law does not solve problems in the election process


The Anti-Corruption Law which was adopted today does not allow curbing of public resources abuse and the prevention of public officials’ campaign, and is in fact yet another missed opportunity to improve legal framework for the conduct of the elections is Serbia, assessed the organisation CRTA.

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The REM took on to increase the personal data protection of applicants


The Regulatory Authority of Electronic Media issued an order requiring its employees to pay more attention to the processing of personal data, and to take all technical, personnel and organisational measures necessary to protect the data from unauthorised access, disclosure and any other misuse, as it was stated in the letter sent by the REM on March 19th to the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Data Protection. As stated in the letter, the order was forwarded to the executive director, general secretary and to all chiefs of services in the REM.

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Election irregularities mainly caused by the abuse of public resources and unequal media representation in the campaign


Following its systematic observation of the elections in previous three years, CRTA developed 60 detailed recommendations for improvement of electoral conditions, also available on the website. At the conference, CRTA presented the recommendations which could influence improvements if addressed by the 2020 elections and which enjoy the greatest citizen support.

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Serbia - three months without the Commissioner


Civil society organisations warn that is has been three months since the mandate of the former Commissioner Rodoljub Šabić expired. The competent Culture and Information Committee of the Assembly has not yet initiated the process of selection of the new Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection. The process of selecting a new commissioner should begin without delay as this is in the best interests of citizens, institutions, the state and of the rule of law in general.

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Union of Informed Citizens received the Democracy Defender Award for 2019


The Union of Informed Citizens (UIC), an Armenian civil society organization, received the OSCE Democracy Defender Award for 2019. The award ceremony took place on March 11 in Vienna, and was attended by CRTA Director Vukosava Crnjanski as a representative of the last year’s Democracy Defender Award recipient.

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A letter to the Assembly: Proposal of criteria for selection of the new Commissioner


The organisation  Crta launched a campaign “I want a Commissioner, not a yes-man!”, in order to draw attention to the fact that the process of selection of the Commissioner should be initiated and that the criteria of transparency, openness and integrity must be respected. Besides, the citizens should be informed about the identity of the potential candidates for the function, so that the new Commissioner could continue to perform their duties as an independent professional entity.

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