Turnout in the referendum 29,6 percent, majority of citizens voted “for” constitutional changes

On the basis of 98 percent of processed sample, a total of 57,4 percent of citizens who voted “for” the confirmation of the act on changing the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, while a total of 41,6 percent of voters voted “against” constitutional changes, the CRTA’s observation mission reported. Margin of error with confidence interval of 95% was +/- 2,4 percent. Invalid ballots numbered a total of 1 percent of ballots.

Inadequate preparedness of bodies authorized to conduct the voting process

CRTA’s observation mission assesses the poor quality in the conduct of the voting process in the first part of the day, reflecting in inadequate preparation of polling stations (8%) and breaches of voting procedures outside of polling stations (6%). On significant number of polling stations – almost 30%, all members of polling boards were not present at the polls opening, representing the inadequate preparedness of bodies authorized to conduct the voting process.