Analysis: Measures proposed by the co-facilitators in the EP mediated Inter-Party Dialogue will not ensure conditions for fair and free elections

CRTA analyzed the Measures to Improve the Conduct of the Electoral Process, proposed by the co-facilitators in the course of the Inter-Party Dialogue mediated by the European Parliament, published on 18 September 2021. One segment of the proposed measures comes as a result of a political agreement – these measures constitute temporary solutions, and go beyond the existing legal and institutional framework. Assessing their enforcement will, therefore, require analzying their actual effects in practice, during the observation of the upcoming elections. The following analysis is strictly focused on legal solutions which are in line with the existing legal and institutional framework, and their possible reach and compliance with domestic legislation, as well as with international standards and recommendations by domestic and international observers. 

The state keeps ignoring the essential election problems

The Opinion of the Serbian Government Working Group for cooperation with the OSCE and ODIHR in implementing recommendations to improve the election process was presented on March 1st at the meeting monitored by the CRTA in capacity of observer, will not contribute to solving key election problems existing in Serbia.

Before it’s too late: CRTA presents a proposal for 5 key changes for fair and free elections

As we mark the 30th anniversary of the first multiparty elections in Serbia, with less than a year and a half to go until the regular presidential and Belgrade elections, as well as the announced early parliamentary elections, CRTA is presenting a proposal for five key changes necessary for elections in Serbia to become substantially, and not just formally, democratic.