Citizens of Belgrade require from the Ministry of Interior more information about video-surveillance


At the street action “We have the right to know: Where are we all being monitored?”, the Belgraders sent more than 200 requests to the Ministry of Interior, asking which locations were covered by the identity recognition system, how much funding was allocated for video surveillance equipment and which method of surveillance proved to be expedient. The action was organised by the CRTA within the campaign “Serbia in Quest for Information“.

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A boycott is not a goal, but a means of a civil struggle


“In order to meet the demands of the opposition and the demands of citizens to hold free and fair elections, one of the options is certainly a boycott, which is not the ultimate goal, but merely a means to the fulfilment of democratic values.“, is the conclusion of the debate “Serbia, the day after“ organised by the CRTA within Democracy Festival.

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Academy for Democracy welcomes the Fourth Generation


The opening ceremony for the “Academy of Democracy” organised by CRTA with the support of OSCE Mission in Serbia and the National Democratic Institute, was held within the Democracy Festival.

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Festival of Democracy 2019


Strongly believing that democracy is more powerful than the challenges it faces, this year together with our partners we organize the first Festival of Democracy  from 13th to 15th September in Belgrade and many towns across Serbia, aiming to boost optimism and reinforce trust in democracy.  

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Recommendations for the improvement of the work of the National Assembly presented at the conference "Parliament – what’s next?"


In order to contribute to the initiation of the democratic functioning of the Parliament, the CRTA has made 46 recommendations relating to the process of adopting laws, strengthening parliamentary control over the executive, increasing public involvement and improving cooperation with independent institutions.

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The public was deprived of a public hearing about candidates for the Commissioner


The process in which the Committee for Culture and Information proposed to the National Assembly Milan Marinović for the new Commissioner for Information of Public Importance Personal Data Protection did not ensure that the choice between the candidates be based on the assessment and comparison of their qualifications, previous specific experience in the fields within the competence of the Commissioner and work plans.

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On the state of democracy and the threats to regional cooperation with the ministers of foreign affairs of the countries of the Western Balkans and the European Union


The meeting between six representatives of civil society organizations from the region and the ministers of foreign affairs of the countries of the Western Balkans and the European Union, was held from 3rd to 5th July at the 2019 Western Balkans Summit in Poznan, within the Berlin Process initiative.

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Civil society suggests that Nevena Ružić be the head of the institution of the Commissioner


More than 80 civil society organisations, media, business, professional and scientific communities’ representatives are urging MPs to support Nevena Ružić as a candidate for the new Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection. We are firmly convinced that Nevena Ružić possesses the expertise, experience and integrity necessary for managing the institution of the Commissioner.

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