Team and associates

Mirjana Nikolic


Mirjana Nikolić Has joined “Crta team” during 2019 by starting serial regular reports from Serbian Parliament  named “Strophe – Refrain – Replica”  as part of  Open Parliament activities. She considers that for good listener Parliament could and should be the source of all crucial information. She believes that in once in the future Parliament members will realize that Serbia Government is not the highest authority in the country – The highest authority is the Parliament and themselves as members of it. She has over 20 years of experience as Journalist in TV, Radio and News Agency.  During that period she was reporting from all elections, she was present and reporting form inauguration on last 5 Serbian presidents, reported from all most relevant political events in the country, from 5th of October and Slobodan Milosevic arrest, followed by action plan of new prime-ministers and regular legal regulation changes. She had performed dozens of Interviews and political analysis. She is pensionable about Human rights, diversity and inclusion of citizens in public politics creation.

In 2018, CRTA received the Democracy Defender Award, globally awarded by the OSCE, for its outstanding contribution to promoting democracy and defending human rights.