CRTA is a group of activists and journalists that engages with both citizens and institutions in an effort for higher institutional and public officials’ accountability in Serbia through monitoring and oversight of their work.

CRTA is a group of activists and journalists that engages with both citizens and institutions in an effort for higher institutional and public officials’ accountability in Serbia through monitoring and oversight of their work.

Since 2009 CRTA empowers citizens to participate in political process and demand accountability from their representatives. Aiming to establish accountability as core democratic value in Serbian political culture, CRTA advocacy efforts rely on the three-pronged approach: a) accountability in the work of politicians, b) institutional accountability, and c) accountability in public finances. CRTA provided citizens with opportunity to directly engage in accountability advocacy and monitoring by having developed several accountability and transparency online tools: Istinomer, Otvoreni parlament, Prati pare and Vodite računa. Through these initiatives CRTA increased its influence among the Serbian public and positioned itself as credible actor in raising demand for accountability in politicians’ and public institutions’ work.

By advocating for accountability to take roots and become guiding principle in Serbian democracy, CRTA initiated informed public debate about accountability among both politicians and citizens.

By providing solid facts and evidence about politicians’ and institutions’ accountability, CRTA’s accountability and transparency tools became relevant and credible information sources for citizens, media and CSOs. In its efforts to establish strong community of publically engaged citizens, CRTA directly communicates with around 300.000 citizens monthly through these tools. CRTA empowers civil society to influence true democratic changes when accountability in the work of politicians and public institutions is breached. CRTA’s accountability and transparency tools also enable high quality media reporting on accountability and transparency issues, thus laying preconditions for reinforcing the watchdog role of the media.

With the general lack of citizens’ interest to participate in political processes, low trust in public institutions and challenges to the freedom of media, CRTA’s accountability tools are almost only remaining independent and credible sources of accountability information, with great potential to influence substantial democratic changes and establish accountability as part of political culture in Serbia.

CRTA received the international recognition for innovation, commitment and contribution to democracy through the W. Averell Harriman Democracy Award, awarded by the National Democratic Institute in 2013.



CRTA received the international recognition for innovation, commitment and contribution to democracy through the W. Averell Harriman Democracy Award, awarded by the National Democratic Institute in 2013.


As an important prerequisite for accountability, transparency allows citizens access to information. It gives them the chance to demands accountability, concrete solutions, and accountability from the government and institutional representatives.


By implementing written rules, politics and procedures compatible with the law insure a high quality process and practice of decision making, as well as identify and solve unwelcome behavior and acts in the process of decision making.


The proactive participation of citizens in identifying their wants and needs, along with decision making and the implementation of public politics and programs, insures that high quality services compatible with the real wants and needs of the users will be provided.



Vukosava Crnjanski
Vukosava Crnjanski is the founder and director of the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA). Vukosava has worked for National Democratic Institute since 2003, providing capacity building trainings for Read More
Raša Nedeljkov
Program Director
Raša’s arrival to CRTA, in the spring of 2013, proved to be a tremendous addition to our team. His ability to analyze the political situation and recognize opportunities for work Read More
Veljko Milićević
Finance and Administration Director
With more than 12 years of experience in the work of international organizations, Veljko contributes to CRTA’s development on a daily basis. His main responsibility is the management and reporting Read More
Jovana Đurbabić
Communication Manager
Jovana entered the world of journalism and communication in 2006 when she started working for FOX TV. Constantly striving for further improvements, she continued career in the field of public Read More
Bojana Milošević
Grants Officer
Within CRTA, Bojana is engaged in programs and projects development, planning, monitoring and quality control of achieved results and organizational goals, as well as communication with donors and partner organizations Read More
Dušan Jordović
Project Manager
Dušan has been in CRTA since the very beginning. He has dealt with the concept of accountability since 2009. With his CRTA colleagues he developed Istinomer in Serbia and has Read More
Aleksandar Gavrilović
Political Director
Pavle Dimitrijević
Head of Legal Department
Pavle is a Lawyer who found his true self while investing efforts in the work of the civil society organizations since 2001, constantly searching for an answer to the important Read More
Ivana Savić
Project coordinator
Philologist and activists. Former French language teacher. In CRTA for the second time since 2013. Previously, she worked at Youth Initiative for Human Rights. She enjoys learning. Ivana believes that Read More
Bojana Džulović
Project Coordinator
Bojana Džulović joined CRTA team in April of 2013. The year before, she graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, Department of Politicology. Currently, she is attending the Read More
Siniša Dedeić
Truth-o-meter editor
He has been part of CRTA team since 2010. Sinisa and his team of journalists keep a close eye on all of the promises made by the politicians, assessing whether Read More
Milka Domanović
Milka joined CRTA team in December 2015, when she became part of the team of journalist at Istinomer. Prior to CRTA, Milka worked as journalist and translator for the Balkan Read More
Ivan Radojević
In 2012, Ivan acquired an academic degree from the Faculty of Law at the Union University in Belgrade. While working on numerous projects for Fund for an Open Society, he Read More
Danilo Vukmirović
Project Assistant
Danilo joined CRTA team in August 2015. He is political science graduate student at the Faculty of Political Sciences. He is an activist who thinks that only active and responsible Read More
Filip Lukić
Filip became part of the CRTA team in June 2015, when he joined the investigative journalism team of Truth-o-meter. Every day, with his texts and fact-checking work, Filip tries to Read More
Milica Stojilković
Administrative Assistant
Milica joined CRTA team in August 2015. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Niš, Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance. Her first work experience was an internship at Read More
Mihajlo Anđelić
Web Developer
Mihajlo strives to make CRTA’s presence on web remarkable. He is dedicated to the visual presentation of data, interactive content and simple solutions. Occasionally he gets lost in the news Read More
Jelena Šušnjar
Graphic designer
Jelena illustrates stuff. She became part of CRTA team in february 2016 when she brought portfolio full of illustrated narratives, visual identities, documentary exhibitions, posters, web designs and books. Balancing Read More
Dragana Živanović
Finacial – Administrative Coordinator
Dragana joined CRTA team in September 2015. She is finance specialist with more than 15 years of work experience with international development and humanitarian organizations. Key areas of her expertise Read More
Jelena Kolarski
Executive assistant
While her experiences from the world of advertising and journalism were of great value, only after engagement at CRTA Jelena felt like she’s exactly where she should be. An MA Read More
Katarina Baletić
Katarina joined the Istinomer team as an intern in 2016. She is a final year student at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. He gained her experience through the Read More
Aleksandra Ivanović
Junior researcher
Aleksandra joined CRTA team in October 2016. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, International Relations Department. As a civic activist, she fights for the freedom in the society Read More
Chief Security Officer
He is the one in charge for good atmosphere and stress relief, which is essential for the success of the entire organisation. Benjamin is also in charge of security so Read More